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The rules of litigation require that all civil relief sought in a court of law be in the form of a civil action.  Attorneys refer to civil actions in a number of ways including:  a case, an action, a lawsuit, the papers, a proceeding, a complaint, a suit, the litigation, or a claim. However, each of these terms or phrases generally refer to the same thing.  The person seeking recovery in the civil action is called the Plaintiff.  The person from whom recovery is sought is referred to as the Defendant. 

In order to initiate a civil action, the Plaintiff must file a document called a  Complaint. A Complaint is a special legal document referred to as a pleading. A pleading is a formal document which sets forth or responds to allegations or defenses.  In addition to being the a pleading which initiates the civil action, it is also a very important document that affects the overall conduct of the lawsuit.  The first page of the Complaint contains a caption that identifies the parties.  The party seeking relief is referred to as the Plaintiff and the party from whom the relief is sought is known as the Defendant.  The Complaint will also be identified with the  civil case file number, the State and County in which the action is located, and the Court in which the action is filed. 


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