Probate in Beaufort and Morehead City, North Carolina

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Probate is the orderly changing of title to property of the deceased.  If there were no order or law in place, then when someone dies anyone could lay claim to the property of the deceased.  This process is misunderstood at times and also clients fear the time, delay, and expense involved.  In Beaufort and Morehead City and in the State of North Carolina, probate is not the tiresome, time intensive, and expensive proposition that it can be in other states.  North Carolina is a probate friendly state and the process is many times very straight forward.  North Carolina has not elected to "tax" probate estates with excessive costs and excessive delays.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss with you the probate process in more detail at Harvell and Collins, P.A.  Our firm also has written information on the probate process that we are more happy to share with anyone who request it.


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