Probate and Estate Administration

  • Locating and Analyzing the Will
  • Qualifying the Personal Representative and Executor under the Will
  • Renunciation of Executor
  • Appointment of Resident Processing Agent
  • Opening the Estate
  • Obtaining Letters Testamentary
  • Gathering and Safeguarding Assets
  • Intestate Succession and Estates with No Will
  • Statutory Preference of Administrator in Estates with No Will
  • Life Insurance, Annuities, Retirement Benefits and the Settlement of the Estate
  • Filing Preliminary Inventory of Estate
  • Analysis of Creditor Issues and the Insolvency of the Estate
  • Payment of Creditors in Accordance with Statutory Preferences and Classes
  • Medicaid and Estate Recovery
  • Disclaimer Issues
  • Spousal Year’s Allowance
  • Missing Heir Searches
  • Spousal Right to Dissent
  • Filing of Annual and or Final Accountings
  • Distribution of Assets
  • Executor’s Commission
  • Discharge of Personal Representative
  • Final Settlement of Estate
  • Trust Administration
  • Will Contest and Caveats
  • Federal Estate and Gift Taxation
  • Fiduciary Income Tax
  • Generation Skipping Tax
  • Inheritance Tax

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