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A Tradition of Competence

Two of the most common client frustrations are lack of information and lack of communication.  Here, at Harvell and Collins, P.A., we try to do our very best to disseminate useful legal information and increase communication.  Our BLOG is just one way that we attempt to accomplish these objectives.  Please read through our entries and if there are any particular topics you would like addressed let us know.


Recent Review of Harvell and Collins, PA

I have trusted Harvell and Collins, PA for over thirty years. I have found their attorneys and staff to be prompt and responsive to every request for assistance. They are patient, kind, and precise, yet thorough, professional, and always well-prepared. They are proactive in their representat… Read More

Recent Review of Cecil Harvell

Jeff Casper Google Review “My wife and I wanted to update our Wills. We searched the web, and were immediately impressed by the reviews of Cecil Harvell. Our call to his office only enforced our belief that maybe we have finally found an attorney and office that cares, is very profes… Read More

Recent Review Wes Collins

I recently had hired Wes Collins to represent me in an estate of my daughter in Morehead City, NC. It was the best decision I have made in a long time. Mr. Collins was a no joke, the best attorney I could have found. He had a tough job due to there were 3 wills involved. When someone you lov… Read More

COViD 19

COVID-19:  Preparing for uncertain times  The safety, dependability, and convenience of modern life seem to have vanished before our very eyes.   This is certainly not the first crisis through which Harvell and Collins, P.A., has guided its clients.  From the great … Read More

Separation and Divorce and Estate Planning

Estate Planning After Separation or Divorce        If you are going through a separation and/or divorce, it’s important to review your estate plan as early as possible.  While many people wait until the divorce is finalized before they revisit their will… Read More

Medicaid pitfalls.

For many participants, the program that provides health care to millions of low-income Americans isn’t free. It’s a loan. And the government expects to be repaid. Rachel Corbett Nathan Bajar Images above: Tawanda Rhodes believed she would inherit the home her parents had… Read More

The Elective Share

The Elective Share Virtually every state has enacted statutes designed to protect a surviving spouse from disinheritance, commonly called elective share statutes.  Take the following factual scenario as an illustration: Suppose that John executes a valid will.  He later meets and… Read More

The Attested Last Will and Testament

The Creation and Execution of Attested Wills In North Carolina, many people pass their property through an attested written will.  This estate planning process provides a generally straightforward process for conveying a person’s property after they die.  This blog post exam… Read More

What is a Will Contest?

Will Contests A Last Will and Testament is a solemn document, which directs the distribution of a person’s estate to those whom they wish to devise it.  To create a valid will in North Carolina, the general rule is that a will must be in writing, signed by the testator, and attes… Read More

Costs of Litigation

Small Claims Court   One of the first questions a person must ask themselves prior to filing a lawsuit should be "Is it worth it?" Litigation in North Carolina's District and Superior courts can be a long, drawn out process that can potentially cost tens of thousands of dollars due … Read More

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