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We are a highly rated and strategic combination of lawyers committed to providing comprehensive legal advice to clients in Eastern North Carolina.

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Harvell and Collins, P.A.

Harvell and Collins, P.A. is a highly rated and strategic combination of lawyers committed to providing comprehensive legal advice and personalized customer service to clients in Eastern North Carolina, including: Morehead City, Beaufort, New Bern, and Jacksonville, North Carolina. 

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What Our Clients Say

"Cecil Harvell is the best attorney I've ever encountered. His concern for my mother is genuine and he continues to check in on her. He's God's gift to the elderly! He's the very best there is!"

Jean Rachide

"There is no question I have the right attorney on my file. Mr. Collins is a dedicated and strong advocate for my case. I am glad I got him first."

"I found the office of Harvell and Collins to be very professional in the administration of a difficult estate proceeding which at times required great patience. In particular, Andrew G. Foster was most responsive to my concerns and questions."

Dana Navin

"Having recently gone through a difficult estate settlement, my sister and I were blessed to have Wes Collins represent us. His knowledge of the law was very instrumental in getting a larger settlement for us. He was always available to answer questions and explained things in a manner that we could understand. I would highly recommend him to anyone."

"Should you be seeking an estate attorney who demonstrates a remarkably keen ability to work with a client using not only legal skills but the willingness to be empathic regarding who you are as an individual, Cecil is the man to hire."

Norman Macartney

I recently had hired Wes Collins to represent me in an estate of my daughter in Morehead City, NC. It was the best decision I have made in a long time. Mr. Collins was a no joke, the best attorney I could have found. He had a tough job due to there were 3 wills involved. When someone you love dies, all kinds of low life persons come out of the woodwork trying to steal thru a legal process items or the entire estate, but Wes went to work and crushed all of them and in record time. I can't explain how much i appreciate just knowing Wes Collins. He's a terrific attorney and a no nonsense guy. He's work his behind off for you. He is totally committed to his clients.

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