COViD 19

March 23, 2020 | Sam Morris

COVID-19:  Preparing for uncertain times

 The safety, dependability, and convenience of modern life seem to have vanished before our very eyes.   This is certainly not the first crisis through which Harvell and Collins, P.A., has guided its clients.  From the great recession of 2007-2008, to countless catastrophic hurricanes, Harvell and Collins remains faithful to its commitment to providing excellent representation to its clients through the twists and turns of life.  But in more recent days a new challenge has emerged:  COVID-19.  Harvell and Collins, P.A., is up to this challenge.

 Within just a few weeks, it has become clear that COVID-19 is no respecter of persons—it poses threats of severe sickness or death upon our most at risk populations as well as the young and healthy.   While there is much uncertainty about the disease and its ultimate impact, there is at least one thing this epidemic has made clear: there has never been a better time than now to ensure your estate planning documents are accurate and up-to-date.

 Often times, people delay in creating an estate plan.  Tragically, the misfortunes of life often arrive before people “get around to it.”  Now is the time to ensure your estate planning documents, particularly your will, health care power of attorney, durable power of attorney, and HIPPA release documents are accurate and current.

 Each of these documents plays a vital role in ensuring that your wishes, both during life and after, are carried out.  With the seemingly inevitable strain upon our medical system, you will want to ensure that your HIPPA release and health care power of attorney are accurate, current, and available, in the event you must receive medical care.  The attorneys at Harvell and Collins, P.A., would be happy to assist you in these matters with the same competency and professionalism we’ve provided countless eastern North Carolina citizens throughout the uncertain times in the past.

Samuel K. Morris


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